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My Learning Areas

Software Engineering

I am a passionate of Software Development. I started 25 years ago and I have found that doing and teaching is a powerful combination to master and help others to grow. Such passion lead me to accomplish graduate degrees, to work in Tech Companies, and to teach and learn from many fantastic people.

Lean & Agile Thinking

I started the journey in Agile and Lean 8 years ago but I have spent the last years to dive into the roots and mindset aspects in such areas. I discovered that Lean and Agile is a Journey, not a destination. I am starting to share my learnings and experience in blogs and papers. I hope in the near future develop some interesting, fun, and mind-changing trainings.


I started teaching many years ago (20 years) and I can say that I discovered that always the student is myself. The experience of helping people to become a better professional and person is amaizing. I truly believe that Education is the effort to help anyone to become a better version of himself. This vision of education is changing the way I see teaching, specially combining the Agile and Lean principles.

My Blog and Publications

Lean Thinking & Innovation Blog

September 2020 - Present

Lean and Agile Thinking Blog

I capture my own reflections and Learnings of what I see, I ask, I reflect, I change and I experiment everyday.


Research Papers and Publications

September 1994 - Present


I started many years ago writting different publications. I hope to add all of them here for future reference.

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Linkedin Articles

November 2017 - Present

Linkedin Articles

I started to share knowledge capsules in Linkedin in different areas.

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About Me

Serious Student - Lean & Agile Practitioner - Passionate Educator - Trying to Make a Better world - One step at the time

I am in the journey to learn how to help organizations to become a truly learning organization who can achieve amazing things by experimenting, failing, learning and having fun. During the last years I had the privilege to learn and practice multiple roles involving adoption of Lean and Agile mindset in multiple organizations. This Journey lead me to work with several fantastic managers and leaders to help them to become servant leaders who adopted Lean and Agile principles to foster their organizations to improve every day .

I am also a passionate of High Quality Software which lead me to dive into areas of software development practices, testing, automation, agile, among many others. Finally, I am a serious student that loves to teach and share my experiences and also learn from every student I had the privilege to collaborate with them.

Current Teaching

How can I Help?


I am always open to share my experience and learn new things. I have delivered many seminars, talks, workshops and courses.


Depending on the area, I can help you as coach for Agile and Lean implementation specially in Software Development. Always looking to help you.

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  • Email gp@gerardopadilla.com
  • Address Guadalajara, Jalisco